Saturday, March 24, 2007

shared beauty.

I thought it might be nice to begin Week 6 with a little bit of beauty.

What sorts of beauty have you savored today?


Sophie said...

I went to the market today
- i thought it would be fun to buy new and
colorful vegetables to try - so i bought
indian eggplant (they are very very teeny)
I bought crimson beets and figs -

then i got a bit sidetracked when i glanced over
at the bakery and ended up sitting down by
the little water ferries with an antioxidant tea
and a chocolate croissant -

i bought some red snapper to make my soup -
and splashed home in the rain...
after stopping at my fave indian shop and
discovering silk drawstring pants on sale for
15 dollars! (in a beautiful cranberry hue)


The Dream said...

the tears in an old friend's eyes - at the start of our long overdue reunion. much gratitude.

Olivia said...

I'm in the Puget Sound area and it's sunny today. Do you know how rare that is at this time of year? I'm wanting to make the best of the day, including getting outside.

Karen said...

I've sort of fallen off the bandwagon this week as far as Finding Water goes, but I'm turning over a new page today!

My beauty for the day: my 7 YO daughter's face as she bottlefeeds the rejected baby goat and fends off the big old lab who thinks it is his job to lick up every extra drop of goat milk...

Off to do morning pages...

Oh, as for autonomy (a great word!) I'm autonomous in so many ways--but sometimes I feel as though I'm fighting my way through a sea of grasping clingy needy munchkins. There's not much room for autonomy or solitude around here sometimes...Not really complaining, not really. Maybe I just need a day on my own.

daffa said...

beautiful beautiful spring.

bella said...

The sky. I was in awe today by it's beauty.

Riggwelter said...

The new leaves on my strawberry plant and sunbathing spiders!

marie said...

an old tree house in a park
leaves imprinted on the concrete sidewalk in Vancouver
child's laughter on a cold, rainy day

~ mich ~ said...

I'd love to join this group! How beautifu and uplifting!!

I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets on Wednesday evening. The sun gently made its way from Darwin to its next destination across the ocean -- it was truly beautiful!

marie said...

Here is a link to Carole's angels.
They are truly beautiful!

I think you'll like them.