Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Buttons, anyone?

If you are participating in Finding Water and would like to display a button...well, it's your lucky day because we have TWO to choose from!

This little beauty was created by the amazing Leah!


And this peaceful looking masterpiece was created by the fantabulous Krista!

If you need instructions on how to add a button to your template...
  • Leah wrote a brief tutorial here.
  • And (the very gracious) Olivia, from happyluau, wrote a Blogger-specific tutorial here.

Please give these ladies a round of applause. They are much more computer savvy than I!!


Karen said...

Just a note to say I'm loving this--I'm starting new projects and coming up with such great "what-ifs" while working on old ones.

I've talked my eleven-year-old Katie into doing this with me, morning pages and all (though I've told her she only needs to do one page a day), so if you could put a link to her blog up it would be great. She would love any comments and encouragement anyone had to share, and she'd really feel a part of the whole thing.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

hello... i just read about this for the first time. might i join in? and if so; how?

Olivia said...

Thanks for the link (and the applause!),'s much appreciated. I'm glad because it will help others, and too because I found Peter's blog, Blogger for Dummies. It's at:
and it looks like it has lots of good info.

Paula said...

Thanks! I used Olivia´s instructions and they worked. :)

Jessie said...

karen, that is so incredibly sweet! what a cool kid...11 years old and doing morning pages with mama. dang, if i have kids, can i have that kind? :) i'll add her link. and i can't wait to visit!

ascenderrisesabove, you're in! now go get the book and get started! :)

tammy vitale said...

Brava!!!! Brava!!!! I know that Leah's works for typepad because I've already used it and opened up one of the secrets I've been wanting to understand about posting these little goodies thanks to her!

And Karen - how cool! Your daughter doing this with you!

Leah said...

Krista, I love your button!! It's beautiful!

And Olivia, thank you SO much for writing the tutorial for blogger!!

suzie q said...

Wonderful buttons, by some very clever artists! Thank you for all the effort you're putting in.

Anonymous said...

I have read her books, and would love to go through one with a group. I don't have a blog, is that a requirement?

Gemma said...

This group is great...I've gone around and visited some of the participants blogs...They have been so honest. We are all so different and we will bring so many insights to this table.

GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

Leah: another compliment for that fushia beauty.
Krista: love the look of that button: reminds me of the cover of the book. GREAT job, you two!